Be true to the spirit of moral courage.

March 18th, 2018

“Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence.”

— Robert F. Kennedy

It’s surviving the relentlessness of life that develops your forcefulness. The brutal stabbing weather will come in the form of your enslaved enemies—unworthiness, impotence, and emptiness makes a man his enemy—who exist as slaves to dominance, greed, and destruction, no different from the “good guys” who are slaves to their cowardice, seeking approval through pretense, silence, and correctness.

Traversing the merciless terrains will also introduce you to a fair share of naysayers, haters, big talkers, power players, exploiters, doubters, pseudo-intellectuals, negaters, debaters, silencers, gossip-mongers, flatterers, scammers, Chinese whisperers, and distractors—all bystanders—who live firmly barricaded behind the illusion of security.

You must keep walking, strengthened and surefooted, seeing what only you can and doing what you should, being true to the spirit of moral courage.