Being lotus is to rise above all the cruelty to blossom to your best potential.

March 8th, 2016

“He who attends to his greater self becomes a great man, he who attends to his smaller self, becomes a small man.” — Mencius

What you value will come to be what defines your value. Being lotus is synonymous with valuing integrity, responsibility, and empathy; it is refusing to be defined by the circumstances you come from or/and the circumstances to which you were subjected. Being lotus is to rise above all the cruelty and negativity you will be subjected to in life, to blossom to your best.

The invisible part of you—pure thoughts and positive intentions—though seemingly insignificant, matters the most. You will have to take an uncompromising stand on fully and consistently expressing qualities of moral integrity, practicing extraordinarily high standards, living with awareness, engaging directly, and extending sensitivity to others.

I reassure you, your decision to articulate your values will not be received with glowing terms; it will come with significant challenges, obstacles, punishments, and betrayals. People whose DNA is coded with ugliness cannot rise beyond the surface spectacle of life; their ability is to dismiss individuals who live conscientiously. Those whose inner world is an inhospitable place find solace amongst those who mirror a life of deceit, cowardice, and shallowness. In the bargain, unlike people whose light reflects light, toxic people drench each other with darkness and serve different forms of greed (money, addictions, cruelty, stealing, slander, etc.). At best, they steal the sunlight’s glow and momentarily appear sparkling and precious, but once the brilliant rays of the sun shift, their darkness reveals their disfigured landscapes. It is no wonder they float like dense scum, attaching to each other, accumulating.

And when a man is weighed down with his ugliness and greed, he cannot feel light—a vital component to becoming the light. Whereas, a content seed of a lotus ensures its lightness through life, making a lotus the light.

As a lotus seed, you would have exercised your value from childhood, so don’t be in a hurry to divorce it when you are imposed with severe hardships; execute your value to the best you can. Endure the punishments, demeaning, and labeling, but refuse to easily slip into the world of negativity and hostility that stifles life. With each passing moment, an ugly person’s moral breach increases and the desire to invest in humanity decreases. And a man alienated from his core will alienate people.

In times like this, of facing cruelty, relentlessly chase wisdom; connect with wise men who are connected to their soul. I take inspiration from the thoughts of Marcel Proust: “We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”

Real value—in emotions, thoughts, and experiences—is not scattered around like ordinary mushrooms—it is hidden like precious truffles, whose value is exorbitant. Channel your le nez and become a wisdom forager.

As you find wisdom, savour it till it becomes part of you. When you seek wisdom, with intentionality, it will help you grow, and no matter the circumstances, you will stand your stand, and you will stand taller.

As you come to see the world from a higher place, thank those with toxicity. It is their ugliness and deceit that stretches you in countless ways and lifts you—their darkness will force you to see the light in you; the light in you will force you to see value in yourself; and with your value, you will continue to exercise your voice. This voice lays down the path for others to follow just like you followed those who preceded you.

When you are the seed of a lotus—immaterial of gender, colour, ethnicity, appearance, and background—it all works out—your unified soul will facilitate you to reach the distance you desire to travel. Once you reach the top, treat yourself to well-deserved rest—slip on gossamer wings and take flight to see the world—it is a world brimming with goodness.

Being lotus,


“Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.”

— Marcel Proust