Absent: [adjective] Not present, missing, not existent.

November 20th, 2014


Torch me.

Demean me.

Traumatize me.

Shame me.

Silence me.

Isolate me.

Slander me.

Deface me.

Enslave me.

Curse me.

Ostracize me.

Torch me down until I am reduced to nothing.

All the while YOU deny your crimes and deny the violence against my being.

YOU repeatedly verbalize, “I love you” to mislead others like you, to crush and silence me further.

Engulfed with shame, pain, and fear, I try to search for the child I am, and for the child I deserve to be. But all I see is a fading shadow of my tiny scared body, reduced to nothing.

I am missing; I am non-existent.

As I attempt to mourn the death of me, I hear loud voices. YOU and others like you are intoxicated with the foul stench of tender, vulnerable, and innocent burning souls. You are rejoicing in the spiritual, emotional, and psychological death of us. YOU jointly, forcefully make us ABSENT.

We are visible. We are alive.