“It is not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them—the character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas.” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Steeped in the philosophy of simple living and high thinking, Ms. Rajagopal’s approach to life is rooted deeply in ethics and principles.

Though devastated by profound emotional neglect, abuse, and abandonment, Ms. Rajagopal has steadily taken control of her life and drawn from internal strength to strive ever further. Rather than hide from her arduous journey or deny the cruelty inflicted by destructive elements, Ms. Rajagopal wears her truth as armor. This armor not only makes her increasingly powerful but also typifies her ability to derive purpose in her life from the pain of the past.

Ms. Rajagopal, a highly empathetic psychology graduate, combines her introspective nature with her drive to serve humanity. Where the principles and tenets of non-violent resistance leaders inspire Ms. Rajagopal, acting out these teachings allows her to live out the power of one. It is, thus, no surprise that the central themes of the genres she traverses—social responsibility, beautiful living, and sustainability revolve around the values of truth, compassion, dignity, and justice.

As a quiet child, writing was a natural outlet for Ms. Rajagopal—to express her emotions. Now, Ms. Rajagopal lives and creates from a place of courage and consciousness, alternating between the sharp nib and soft touch of the pen, as required, to articulate her thoughts with the desire to inspire and influence individuals.

An enthusiastic admirer of pre-modern architecture, Ms. Rajagoapal finds parallels between the character of a man and his undertakings. Though highly accomplished, true to her philosophy, of simple living and high thinking, Ms. Rajagopal regards loving and caring for the family (and specific others’) who destroyed her, to thus far being her greatest accomplishment.

Ms. Rajagopal continuously endeavours to serve humanity by first being a fierce guardian of her soul to then be a champion of courage and humanity.