Flowers best express my gratitude to you

March 31st, 2018



Dear friends,

From genesis to the present time, your gestures of kindness and support have been a constant source of strength. I fail to put into words the role your involvement plays in motivating me to become stronger, facilitating my growth. It gives me immense satisfaction to learn that in turn, you find material on that aids your thinking and evolving.



You have made time to think about and reach out to me. Few of you identify with me having endured life’s harshness; several find it difficult to comprehend the suffering of a (once) glamorous film star, and yet others feel outraged enough to reach out with empathy and admiration. In all, I am grateful for your warm words.



Sure they have been haters and naysayers, but cowards who refuse to claim their identity while projecting their hate have zero value; they deserve their darkness. What has and what will continue to matter to me is individuals like you who are my light. I welcome your constructive feedback, which serves to evolve as a person and contribute—in alignment with my nature—to society.


Over the years you have asked me questions—from my source of motivation to my absence on social media and refusal to give interviews; I endeavour to answer them. Please understand that sometimes the increasing challenges of life prevent timely fruition.

I am grateful to each one of you for sharing your goodness.