Olfactory sensibilities

March 8th, 2016

Signature scents are privately commissioned projects built on layers of notes, deeply rooted in particular qualities. Each perfume exudes an expression—refinement, seduction, mystery, etc., giving the wearer an air of unique identity.

The finest quality fragrances, say from a French couturier, where the aromas are harmoniously combined, speak of character and depth. When carried through the breeze they announce elegant notes, evoking beautiful emotions. Whereas mass-produced, another fake copy of a cheap copy smells synthetic, powdery, and weak. They insist you forget them, in a hurry.

The scent of a man is signature too. Unlike flowers that are cultivated and harvested to create personalized perfumes, man’s emotions combine and come together to create an explosion of fragrance. When emotions are developed in harmony, grown mindfully, and perform in sync, they give birth to perfumes that whisper of intriguing facets and forever transforms the passersby. The scent can be as simple as a noble jasmine or as complex as a bouquet of dew-kissed flowers, fresh-cut grass, and crushed spices; the variations are infinite.

On the other hand, when the mind is weak, the soul is broken, and the heart is hardened, your sense of self becomes increasingly parched. You lie, and you conform to fit in. You garnish your life to appear perfect. You feed your emptiness with greed. Having written away your voice and distanced yourself from your soul, you feel invisible, which in turn makes you angry. And fields of weakness and impotence cannot produce ingredients required for a high- quality perfume.

Only Ugga, ugliness, is born and bottled. To put it in visual perspective, the impoverished landscape of Ugga is one where nothing flourishes, no luxurious vetiver, no voluptuous roses, no rich vanilla…no honey bees, no birds, nada.

Distilled down, Ugga speaks of the foundation notes—shame and greed. Often these emotions are trans-generational and convenient to harvest. Imagine having to make an effort to change yourself, thus your signature scent? That requires malleability, like a winding creeper. What’s more, you will have to invest in generous quantities of boldness and authenticity. The easy way out is to be rigid, like the generation that handed shame and greed to you.

So how do you identify Ugga? Where you are, with a whiff, swathed with the goodness of a high-quality person, you can just as easily spot the scent of Ugga—it lacks fullness. It lacks dignity. It lacks respect. You take a tour of a fully functioning factory to learn about the history of the manufacturer, the same applies to man. The plus with individuals is you don’t have to suffer the entire tour, the pores of the body speak clearly and consistently—cheap and mass-produced demystifies. It is.

This is not to say that cheap can’t cheat—you can spritz a quality perfume (or douse yourself), but the disconnect of leading parallel lives—who you are on the inside and the one you masquerade for the world, speaks for itself. And incongruence can never make a person feel whole.

If anything when the internal world is empty and ugly, authentic beauty becomes a mirage.

In life, remember, exchanging of scents should be an equal barter. You can’t dump Ugga, and expect Couturier. To preserve your pure ingredients, and exquisite abundant fields, you can become a “le nez” (the nose). In doing so, you can develop exceptional qualities required to identify the Ugga scent of a person. Yes, you must practice a clean lifestyle that will otherwise damage your olfactory sensibilities!