A mixed collection

January 17th, 2009


Simple equation

A day of truth or a lifetime of lies.


Her rights

Her rights—not because she is a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, caregiver, and homemaker, financially rich or poor.

Her rights—because she is an individual.


Building blocks

Love—builds confidence—offers options—makes you fly—liberates—celebrates you as a whole package.

Insecurity—builds fortresses—puts conditions—clips your wings—suffocates—packages you for one’s image.


Unexpected places

Insecurity driving a luxury car

Pure joy running bare feet on the street

Cruelty in a superficial spiritual house

Compassion in a simple, authentic home

Meanness sitting on wealth

Generosity in spite of poverty

Abundance throwing away

Meagerness willingly sharing

Vacant soul wandering in an art gallery

Full heart colouring with broken chalk pieces

Negativity in good health

Positivity through death

Dullness in a custom designed study

Brilliance under streetlights

Lethargy with rich food

Active with little nourishment

Precious details in unexpected places


Retail therapy

I shoved you–you got a pair of killer shoes

I hit you–you got a pair of exquisite pearl earrings

I assaulted you–you got a limited edition bag

I drugged a woman–you got slick wheels

I raped a woman–you got knuckle-duster diamonds

I killed a woman–you got a villa with boastful views

And now, we will start all over again


Made for all reasons

Missing files—blame the maid

Flop dinner party—blame the maid

Unruly children—blame the maid

Splitting headache—blame the maid

Drunk driving homicide—blame the maid

Husband rapes the maid—blame the maid

Kill endangered species—blame the maid

Caught shoplifting—blame the maid

Packed a revolver in checked baggage–blame the maid


No laughing matter

I laugh at sexist jokes

not because they are funny

my mother laughed all her life

my sister did the same

my girlfriends do it too

We laugh as we are insecure

we have no sense of self

I laugh to be accepted

to blend in

to get through another day

another month

another year

just like my mother did

She laughed her life away

through her pain


and cruelty

And I am still laughing


Speak UP

Speak UP when you are right

Speak UP to make things right

Speak UP to make someone’s life right

Speak UP to honour those lives that made yours right

Speak UP if you can be strapped to a polygraph and be in the right



I worship my cow

I worship my cow

I will milk her now and then milk her some more

I will trick her (with her murdered calf) into lactating, for her to give me milk

I need my quota of milk for yogurt, sweets, and decadent treats

I will put a tilak on her head and start milking her once more

I worship my cow, but she’s old now

I see her eating plastic as I pass the garbage pile

I know she will die soon, but I need her still

I will make her cross borders o be killed

after which she will travel to Italy and China, and I can have her some more

I worship my cow



Trust the cop who can hurt you

Trust the banker who can exploit you

Trust the lawyer who can scam you

Trust the realtor who can mislead you

Trust the chef who can make you sick

Trust the neighbour who can harm you

Trust the teacher who can abuse you

Trust the doctor who can misdiagnose you

Trust the religious guru who can assault you

Trust your in-laws who can plot against you

Trust the whole world

And in the end, if you have some trust left, learn to trust yourself


Do you remember the last time you

smelt the earth after the first rain

stretched your hands under a fountain

admired the fullness of trees

listened to the crickets

counted the stars at night

watched squirrels in the wilderness

Do you remember?




bright, college educated woman

married to a much older uneducated man

broken promises, mislead hopes, forced into mindless traditions

riding on a bullock cart

obedient and subjugated

thankful to be married


engaging, college educated woman

married to a much older uneducated man

dejected, crushed dreams, rights denied

riding in a bus

obedient and subjugated

thankful to be married


optimistic, college educated woman

married to a much older uneducated man

clipped wings, fearful, trained to be a mouthpiece

riding in a luxury car

obedient and subjugated

thankful to be married



Pelting stones at unsuspecting squirrels and birds

laughing and hurling objects at copulating dogs

using plastic sheets and bands to strangle helpless deer

projecting one’s self-loathing, shame filled, and voiceless reality.


Hello, what do you do?

Not how do you feel,

what do you enjoy,

whom do you look up to,

what can I do for you?

It’s always, ” WHAT DO YOU DO?”

I am a

















Mrs. Successful Last Name,

parent of a successful child.

Beyond that, I do not know who I am or what I stand for.

I am just a title.



We invest time in screaming racism, pointing fingers at the world at the drop of a pin.

We invest far more time, money, and psychological messaging to convince women to lighten their skin.


I love my country

I love my country, every piece of it

I love my country’s protected ancient ruins and historical artifacts

I love stealing parts of precious ruins from villages and antiques from simple peoples’ homes

I love them in my city bungalow, in my beach house, in my destination villa, and on my hilltop cottage.

I love my country but I love my limited mind even more.



When you hand over power to those who harm you, you remain a captive of shame and set free those who should be ashamed.


Choice VS Coerced

Society supports prostitution

so long as it is within the “institution” of marriage

to climb the ladder

to push society status

to feed a “little” person’s idea of power

to support luxe habits.

But society condemns its



and mothers

who are

kidnapped from their homes

tricked out of schools and playgrounds

coerced by family

snatched from their safe havens

and are

brutalized, terrorized, and trafficked

into forced prostitution.


Banking on it

Actor to Politician: “You fill my cash banks (offshore preferred). I will fill your vote banks.”


Segmented stealing

Airline pilot stealing food and alcohol

Ship captain stealing supplies and funds

Luxury spa manager stealing high-end products

Actor stealing everything—cigarettes to silver tea sets

Private nursing homes holding patients hostage

Army general siphoning supplies and rations

Restaurant manager stealing top shelf liquor

Well put-together realtor stealing from stores

Corporate executive misusing corporate cards

Economist raking in unwarranted miles

Media mogul sapping your brain

We choose to

ignore it

hush it up

accept it

look the other way

so long as it is in the thousands and millions—you can walk all over me


Maid drinking a cup of milk in hopes of nourishing her unborn child

Server talking a leftover pastry for his mother

Janitor grabbing an unused notebook for his child

Clerk taking a handful of supplies for her handicap sibling

Flight cleaner picking up an unused hand sanitizer

Sepoy taking a minuscule tin of condensed milk for his tea

Carpenter taking a handful of nails

Abuse them

harass them

hit them

fine them

insult them

embarrass them

fire them

so long as it’s negligible—I will walk all over them



Smuggled animals hired for parties are exotic—check

Camel rides on brightly covered humps are exotic—check

Snakes writhing about in confined baskets are exotic—check

Bears, with pierced noses, dancing in crowded streets are exotic—check

Monkeys, in gaudy clothes, performing tricks and begging are exotic—check

Birds picking out future cards from confined cages, in restaurants, are exotic—check

Elephants balancing their heavy bodies on hind legs, to entertain us, are exotic—check

Discomfort from paints, fear of traffic and noise, painful shackles, burning feet, confined spaces are exotic—check

Breaking the spirit of animals is exotic—check

I was told cruelty is spiritual—check

I am mindless—check



When in the public spotlight I will claim to be shy, introverted, private, and reserved.

When I hold private court, I will be loud, obnoxious, vulgar, and abrasive.



She talks about women’s empowerment on a public platform, only to return home to her reality where the word empowerment is not the norm.



I am a very, very immature, ignorant, and incapable person

I lack self-esteem and national pride

I have scant respect for myself, let alone law and order

I want to be noticed

I want to be a public nuisance

I have traveled the world on public funds

but I am not cultured, or well read

I am nouveau rich, but cannot acquire finer emotions

I have no concern for the common man

or guilt for bringing the entire city’s life to a stand still

There could be serious patients in ambulances

or fire engines stuck for many a mile

I don’t care, I never did

I feel puffed up riding in my fleet of cars

with more than my share of bodyguards

I want my cronies to bow and pretend

that I am a VVIIPP

In my country, this is the trend

and this is the end.



American woman to Indian woman: “You must know Sanjay from India.”

India woman to American woman: “You must know John from America.”


Meet you

Who are you when you are alone? Who are you when no one is watching?



wild horses galloping

deer leaping

birds gliding

elephants strolling

deer grazing

dolphins playing

goats climbing

chimpanzees leaping

lions basking in the sun

chimpanzees swinging.

Not magnifique


as your entertainment

your mindless meal

as trophies mounted on walls, spread on floors, and placed on your mantle piece.


To nowhere

She is rushing

rushing in heels

rushing with latte and laptop

rushing with magazines, gadgets and “it” bag


because she sees it

on billboards

in advertisements

in the media

in the movies

rush, rush, rush—to nowhere.


Hot mama, yummy mummy

She walks miles to fetch water for her family, with gravel piercing her bare feet,

pregnant, with little nutrition, she walks in the scorching heat,

the harshness of the sun makes her head hurt, nose bleed and eyes sting. For her, the only thing hot is the heat.


Backward or forward

An easy step backward, towards darkness or

a courageous step forward, towards brightness